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About Stemme

In 1984, Dr Reiner Stemme founded the company Stemme GmbH & Co. KG in the Berlin district of Wedding in order to realize his vision of a unique aircraft: the aim was to combine the properties of powerful motorized propulsion with first-class gliding characteristics. As an engineer and passionate glider pilot, he set himself the target of creating an aircraft capable of long-distance soaring flights at the highest level – independent of towing vehicles, winches and the accompanying crews. His design of a retractable propeller, which remains unique even today, connected by a drive shaft to an engine mounted at the aircraft’s centre of gravity allowed his idea to become reality.

The Twin Voyager S12 is the latest evolution of Dr Stemme original designed to be the most exciting, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished Self Launching Sailplane ever made.

With a no comprise philosophy the S12 provides the very best of best worlds, high performance soaring and highspeed cruising both in a luxurious and safe environment.

Welcome aboard.