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The S12 comes in 3 models: The S12-SW Sky Cruiser short wing version at 21.7 m span for when space is at a premium. The S12 Twin Voyager 25 m span high-performance glider and sport plane in one package. The S12-G Grand Tourer the ultimate high- performance long-distance version with an all glass panel with twin Garmin G3X and Auto Pilot. Two instrumentation packages are available oriented to either soaring or power flying.

The mid mounted Rotax turbo charged 914 F engine delivers power through a unique carbon fibre drive shaft to the Stemme-Retrac foldable and variable pitch propeller. The turbo enhances high density altitude operations.

Southern Energy Sailplanes has partnered with Bert Flood Imports, Australian Rotax distributors for over 30 years to provide quality service and reliable spare parts availability.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Range Under Power:1759 km
Cruise Speed:140 knots
Climb Rate:Better than 4.21 mps
Glide Ratio:1:53
Wing Span:25 m (21.7 m S12-SW)
Wing Span Folded:Only 11.4 m
Maximum Takeoff Weight:900 kg
Powerplant:Rotax 914 F2/S1 Turbo
Maximum takeoff Power:115 hp
Maximum Crusing Power100 hp
Fuel Consumption at 55% MCP:13 lph
Fuel Tank Capacity:120 L
Avionics:ADS-B In and Out
Garmin / Dynon
Glass Cockpit
LXNAV Soaring Computer with Vario